Pan Gregorian originated in New Jersey in 1983 as a food service cooperative to serve the independently owned restaurant industry in New Jersey. While the PGE concept started in New Jersey, through its success, it quickly expanded to other markets to include Metro New York, Long Island, Upper New York, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina.


Pan Gregorian of New England was established in 1990 with about 15 members. We made it our mission to negotiate the lowest cost on your behalf, ensure that you will always have the highest quality products and supplies for your establishments. With this promise we have grown our business and yours to new heights.


Today, Pan Gregorian Enterprises of New England continues to thrive. Over the years PGE of NE has gained hundreds of members and partnerships saving our members millions of dollars. We are proud to say we have improved the livelihood and well being of the restaurant industry. It has been such an honor to serve such a fine group of business owners!